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The Art Collection - "Art book"

Launch of 'the art book'

On Friday 14th June, the Central Bank launched the 55th Anniversary edition of its art book. The first edition was published in 2004 to commemorate the Bank’s 40th Anniversary. Since that time the collection has grown and the Bank wanted to update the book to reflect the new landscape of the collection.

Among guests at the launch were members of the Board of Directors of the Bank, staff, and artists and their families.

Mrs. Nicole Crooks welcomed guests and opened the formal part of the launch, she was followed by Governor Alvin Hilaire who gave the feature address.

Mr. Kenwyn Crichlow, Chairman of the Board of the National Museum brought remarks on behalf of the artists and Ms. Melanie Archer brought greetings from the editors of the art book, Robert and Christopher Publishers.

Guest enjoyed a wine and cheese reception that followed and were able to view a mini exhibition of art that was mounted.


Click on the image to view our art book.


The Art Collection


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“The Art Collection of the Central Bank now comprises over 200 works of art by men and women who tell the stories of our past, our present and our longings and anxieties about the future. The works are diverse and nuanced in both form and content, and are ripe for exploration. The Bank will continue to create avenues such as this book that will allow the collection to become more open and easily accessible to the public. The Bank sees itself as a custodian of this small part of our nation’s tangible cultural heritage and is determined to preserve it and build on it for the benefit of future generations.”

- Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri, Curator - Central Bank Museum



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