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Rudranath Capildeo Exhibition

From Lion House to Legend: The Rudranath Capildeo Story

The Central Bank celebrated the life and career of one of Trinidad and Tobago's most illustrious sons: mathematician, physicist, teacher and politician, Dr. Rudranath Capildeo.

Rudranath Capildeo was born in central Trinidad in 1920 and spent the first half of his life immersed in scholarly pursuits, at which he excelled. His 1952 publication, The Ballistic Theory of Emission of Light, is his most celebrated work, and led to him being dubbed the "Caribbean’s Einstein".

Dr. Capildeo entered Trinidad and Tobago politics in 1959, and was the political leader of the opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at the time of Trinidad’s Independence. As such, he took part in the Marlborough House conference in England which cleared the way for the country's Independence in 1962.  He received the country's highest national award, the Trinity Cross, from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in 1969.  He suffered with poor health and after years of battling with illness, Dr. Capildeo died in London in May,1970 at the age of 50.

Though comparatively short, his life is a shining example to Trinidad and Tobago and the world. Dr. Capildeo was a true patriot. His academic achievements and political convictions can be a source of pride to the people of this country as our nation continues to find and define itself.

It is in this vein that the Central Bank put together the Dr. Rudranath Capildeo Legacy Exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was “From Lion House to Legend” and traced the Capildeo family history from the arrival of Dr. Capildeo’s father, Pundit Capildeo, from India in 1894 to Dr. Capildeo’s intellectual achievements and political career and his untimely death. Dr. Capildeo’s story is one that is not known or remembered by many people in the country of his birth, but his is an incredibly inspiring story and one that we believe is worth sharing with a new generation.

The exhibition ran until June 30th, 2014.


Images from the Exhibition


Capildeo Family Jewelry_2014 Exhibition

Capildeo family jewelry passed
down through the generations

Other sons of Lion House_2014 Exhibition

Other sons of Lion House

Lions_ 2014 Exhibition

Replicas of the lions which adorn
the front of the Lion House


The parents of Dr. Capildeo


Family portraits


Composed images of Dr. Capildeo and his family
Published Work

Published work of Dr. Capildeo


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