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Non-Bank Financial Institutions Quarterly

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Date Loans Outstanding to Consumers - Finance Co & Merchant Banks (TT$000s) Trustee Funds Under Administration - Trust & Mortgage Finance Co (TT$000s) Non-Banks - Regulatory Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets (%) Non-Banks - Regulatory Tier I Capital-to-Risk-Weighted Assets (%) Non-Banks - Regulatory Tier II Capital-to-Risk-weighted Assets (%) Non-Banks - Regulatory Capital-to-Total Assets (%) Non-Banks - Net Open Position in Foreign Exchange-to-Capital (%) Non-Banks - Non-performing Loans-to-Gross Loans (%) Non-Banks - Non-performing Loans (Net of Provisions)-to-Capital (%) Non-Banks - Total Provisions-to-Impaired Loans (%) Non-Banks - Specific Provisions-to-Impaired Loans (%) Non-Banks - General Provisions-to-Gross Loans (%) Non-Banks - Return on Assets (%) Non-Banks - Return on Equity (%) Non-Banks - Interest Margin-to-Gross Income (%) Non-Banks - Non-interest Income-to-Gross Income (%) Non-Banks - Non-interest Expenses-to-Gross Income (%) Non-Banks - Liquid Assets-to-Total Assets (%) Non-Banks - Liquid Assets-to-Total Short-Term Liabilities (%) Non-Banks - Customer Deposits-to-Total (Non-Interbank) Loans (%) Non-Banks - Foreign Currency Liabilities-to-Total Liabilities (%)

1 Effective August 2020, capital adequacy ratios are reported based on the Basel II (and some elements of the Basel III) framework. All capital adequacy ratios prior to August 2020 are based on the Basel I framework. Adjustments related to the new framework seek to raise the quality and quantity of the regulatory capital base and enhance the risk coverage of the capital framework. For further information on Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago’s Basel II/III framework implementation, please view:



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