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Executive Management comprises the Governor, one Deputy Governor and the Inspector of Financial Institutions. The Executive Management provides leadership for the development of strategic direction and relationships and succession planning for the Bank. In addition, the core technical functions of the Bank fall under the responsibility of each of the Deputy Governors and the Inspector.

Dr Alvin Hilaire

Dr. Alvin Hilaire
Governor and Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dr. Hilaire is a career Central Banker, having worked with CBTT for a cumulative   period of approximately twenty (20) years, holding positions of Senior Economist,   Chief Economist and Director of Research and most recently, Deputy Governor since   April 2013.  Dr. Hilaire has extensive experience in macroeconomic policy   development and implementation and monetary policy matters.

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Dr. Dorian Noel Mr. Patrick Solomon
Dr. Dorian Noel
Deputy Governor, Monetary Operations and Policy
Mr. Patrick Solomon
Inspector of Financial Institutions


Senior Managers

The Executive Management is supported by the Senior Managers team which oversees the daily activities of the Bank and assists with the developing of policy, systems and controls to govern its operations.

The current incumbents at the Senior Manager level are:

Mrs. Arvinder Bharath


Ms. Marie Borely


Ms. Nicole Chapman



Mrs. Arvinder Bharath
Senior Manager, Financial Technology & Information Security
Ms. Marie Borely
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Nicole Chapman
Senior Manager, Legal, Contract & Corporate Secretariat Services
Gregory Camejo image Terrence Clarke Nicole Crooks  
Mr. Gregory Camejo
Senior Manager, Corporate, Strategic & Project Services
Mr. Terrence Clarke
Senior Manager, Macroeconomics/Finance 
Mrs. Nicole Crooks
Senior Manager, Human Resources, Industrial & External Relations
Mrs. Michelle Francis-Pantor Mr. Alistair Noel    
Mrs. Michelle Francis-Pantor
Deputy Inspector, Banks, Non-Banks & Payment Systems Oversight
Mr. Alister Noel
Senior Manager, Operations




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