Quarterly Publications


Labour Confidence Report

The Labour Confidence Report is published on a quarterly basis. 

2014     December

Business Confidence Report 

The Business Confidence Report is published on a quarterly basis.

2014     QIV,2013-QI, 2014      QII, 2014      QIII, 2014      QIV, 2014


Consumer Confidence Report 

The Consumer Confidence Report is published on a quarterly basis.  

2014     September


The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has discontinued the compilation of its Business, Consumer and Labour Confidence Indices and as such the associated reports will no longer be published.


Summary Economic Indicators Bulletin

The Summary Economic Indicators Bulletin (SEIB) is published on a quarterly basis. The publication of the March and September issues coincide with the release of the Bank's Monetary Policy Reports. This bulletin has been discontinued in this format. Please refer to the Data Centre for available data.

2016    September

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2008     December


Payments Quarterly and safe-tt

This  newsletter is published four times a year and is geared towards educating the public on the operations of payment systems within Trinidad and Tobago.

2013     March     June    September    December

2012     March     June    September    December

2011     March     June    September    December

2010     March     June    September    December

2009     March     June    September    December

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